ChaosMen Palmer

chaosmen-palmer Oh, We Love ChaosMen‘s latest jock, a 25-year-old Palmer. He has perfect physique, nice attitude and looks as a pretty tough guy, but he’s actually a very sweet guy. Palmer likes to work out a lot, so he’s actually become a professional personal trainer. He spends at least two hours, at least six days a week in the gym. And you can definitely see that in his videos.. He’s straight, but open for almost everything.
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The time goes by… with Jarec Wentworth

jarec_wentworth_male_model Jarec Wentworth was one of the most popular guys at SeanCody. Very few guys made it to almost 30 scenes there. Constantly pushing his limits, he’s been amazing performer getting hotter and hotter with every scene. He has never been afraid of changing his image radically. So take a look at many faces of Jarec/k…